Ayurvedic Medicines to Control Diabetes

The Majority of the people start drifting away from life as they get diagnosed with diabetes. For them, life is curtailed in many constraints and rules. It isn’t that difficult to keep a healthy diabetic life. You simply need to comprehend the proper idea of diabetes. In today’s world, management of diabetes has been simplified in a variety of ways. We simply should have right information in relation to its symptoms and treatment. It is essential to understand That diabetes is a condition wherein, the amount of glucose is increased in the blood flow. Even the inadequate supply of insulin into the body contributes to diabetes. All organs of the body needs good quantity of insulin to work properly.

Utilizing Ayurvedic Medicine

Thus, it is vital to maintain the amount of sugar in the body. Besides many herbal remedies, Ayurveda- Indian conventional medicines – provides you many powerful drugs to control diabetes. These herbs are readily available in the cabinets of your kitchen. Thus, we are here mentioning you with a few homely online ayurvedic medicine that will be beneficial in keeping diabetes.

  • Bitter gourd is your best remedy to fight against diabetes. Eat this vegetable twice in a week or two early morning drink the juice of bitter gourd. Sip this juice empty stomach thus; it will decrease the amount of glucose in your blood stream.
  • Even lemon juice is extremely Effective remedy to beat the high degree of diabetes. Lemon is the richest source of vitamin C, which is vital to strengthen the immune system. Never include any artificial sweetener into the lemon water.
  • Indian gooseberry is also a Superb source of vitamin C. It is extremely effective in controlling the degree of insulin in the body. Mix one tablespoon juice of Indian gooseberry with a single cup of fresh juice of bitter gourd. Sip this mixture daily for 2 months, which will help the pancreas to operate properly.
  • Eat powder of rose apple Two times in one day.
  • Make a Combination of fenugreek seeds, powdered turmeric, and white pepper. Drink this mixture with a glass of milk each night.
  • Mix powdered Indian gooseberry, turmeric powder with two teaspoonful of honey. Eat this mixture twice in a day to control diabetes.
  • Eat ten basil leaves with same number of neem leaves and Aegle marmelos. Chew these leaves with a glass of warm water, early morning. It is quite effective when consumed empty stomach.
  • Fenugreek seeds would be the most Common and effective cure for diabetes. Insert two tbsp of powdered fenugreek seeds in a glass of milk. Drink this mixture once daily or you can gulp down two teaspoonfuls of fenugreek seeds daily.